About Business Insurance

How important is business insurance?

No matter how careful you are in your daily business operations, things happen.

You can be sued for negligence or errors and omissions in the conduct of your business with a client, and your physical business property may come under attack.

Someone could slip and fall on your premises leaving you with medical bills to pay. Not to mention, expensive attorney costs associated with business lawsuits can place a huge financial and emotional burden on you, your employees, and family if you are not properly protected.

Cheer up. That’s where business insurance comes in to protect you. Having business insurance can protect you from the burdens that accidents and lawsuits can place on the operations of your business and protect your physical and financial assets.

First Rate Insurance offers three business insurance products to protect you, your employees and assets.

We realize each business has different needs. First Rate Insurance Agency, Inc. offers different business insurance products online to help protect you and your company from the risks of conducting day-to-day business.

  1. General Liability Insurance (GL or CGL Insurance)
  2. Business Owners Policy (BOP Insurance for short)
  3. Professional Liability Insurance (PL or E&O)

While operating and conducting business comes with uncertainty, one thing that is sure is that you can count on us to help. There is no such thing as being “too careful.” You have options.

Visit the insurance pages above for clarification on which coverage(s) fit your needs. If you are ready, begin a business quote online or call (305) 266-9565 and let our business insurance specialists help you select the right commercial insurance policy for your business.